5 Star Kingdom Hearts Vinyl Figure Sora

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Funko is thrilled to dive deeper into the world of storytelling and pop culture with their latest line of collectable vinyl figures "5 Star"!

In addition to Funko's usual attention to detail and characterisation, the 5 Star line boasts several unique features including three points of articulation, allowing the figures to be posed, window display box packaging that mimics the opening of a book and situates each character in their unique world, and thoughtful accessories that further the character's narrative.


* Capitalise on the ability to use 5 Star figures' different poses, & unique accessories.
* 5 Star Vinyls feature 3 points of articulation for creating your own story telling moments.
* Packaging can be used to create a unique tableau or diorama.
* This 4" vinyl comes packaged in a 5th panel window display box.
* Includes accessories like a Keyblade.

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