TCG Buylist


Want to sell us cards buy don't have time to complete a full buylist? Not sure of what you've got but want an offer? EVO ANIME offers an easy, no stress buylist option for people looking for the fastest to cash or credit for the TCG singles. To use this feature just:

1. Put this item into your cart, selecting which type of cards you're selling us. You can add multiple items if you are selling us more than one type of card.

2. On checkout leave a note letting us know what type of payment (PayPal, check, or store credit) you would like 

3. Mail your cards to:

2002- 33 Gabian way
Toronto ON    M6M 5G8

4. Upon receipt of your submission we will contact you with an offer, if you accept, we will pay you by your preferred method of payment!

It is as simple as that! If you have any questions please consult the FAQ below or send us an email at

“ What if i don’t like the total for my cards?”

We’d be happy to send your cards back to you for a nominal shipping fee or have you come pick them up at the shop, however all appraisals are final offer.

“What if i want a breakdown of the cards?”

Unfortunately our buylisting procedure does not make a manifest of individual buy prices available to customers who use the easy-buy product. If you’d like an itemized list of your individual cards buylists, we encourage you to submit your buylist the traditional way

“Can I include an easy-buy within an itemized buylist?”

Yes. we will appraise the itemized cards individually as usual, and include any cards included in your sent or dropped off buylist not itemized as part of the easy-buy.

“Do i add an easy-buy sku for each item, or just one to represent the whole?”

Easy-buys do not require the customer to count the number of individual cards in a buy. Simply add one easy-buy for each game you’re sending us.

“What do i do if i have multiple kinds of trading card games to send?”

Simply add one Easy-Buy to your buylist order for each kind of card game and we’ll take care of the rest!